The lawyers of the Yay Law and Counseling Office provide effective and comprehensive legal counseling services to their clients in accordance with laws and regulations related to labor law. Our lawyers support the preparation of business contracts for our clients or the adaptation of internationally recognized labor contracts under Turkish Labor Law. We also provide periodic and day-to-day legal counseling services for the development of our clients, employer and employee relations, such as the employee's vacation leave rights and the regulation of their shifts and disciplinary actions. we also provide comprehensive legal advice to our clients regarding qualifying rights.

We also provide legal consulting services under local immigration law in administrative matters, as a subset of the services we provide in this area, as well as transferring managers and personnel from abroad to our clients and peculiar to recruitment processes.

We provide legal services to our clients in the following areas:

  • General training on business law or organizing seminars on the subject of interest for company members (executives, human resources specialists, staff) in the company or company.
  • Preparation of employment contracts protecting the rights of workers and employers,
  • Revision of business contracts,
  • Severance pay, notice indemnity, malpractice compensation, overtime pay calculations,
  • Reinstatement cases,
  • Part-time and full study fees, annual paid leave, maternity leave,
  • Indemnification lawsuits related to injuries, deaths and work-
  • The excellent responsibility of the employer,
  • Worker flaws,
  • Termination of service contracts for justifiable reasons,
  • Execution of mediation or reconciliation processes for workers 'and employers' disputes, preparation of peace protocols,
  • Preparation of typical and atypical employment contracts, including those related to the manager,
  • Preparation of internal regulations, policies and disciplinary procedures,
  • Protection of employees' data,
  • Sub-employment and subcontracting services,
  • Premiums and other incentive measures,
  • Counseling on immigration issues, including taking residence and work permits.