As the Office of the Legal Affairs and Counseling of Sagittarius, it is necessary to make the necessary administrative applications in the field of Administrative Law, which prescribes the rules concerning the activity and organization of the administration, forms the basis of the effective presentation of public services, regulates the relations of real persons and legal entities with the administration, we offer a wide range of services.

In addition to this, we operate in the field of Tax Law especially regarding tax structuring related to investments and transactions, corporation tax, value added tax, stamp tax, bank and insurance transaction tax and transfer pricing.

We provide legal services to our clients within the scope of Administration and Tax Law in the following areas:

  • Laws Related to Cancellation of Administrative Procedures
  • Administrative Money Causes, Objection Processes and Cancellations
  • Disputes and Procurement Laws Related to Tender Law
  • Disputes, Solution Roads and Development Disputes Related to Development Law
  • Events Arising from Administrative Contracts
  • Settlement of Tax Disputes through Compromise, Punishment and Redress
  • Solution of tax disputes through judicial proceedings
  • Tax Crimes and Punishments