EN: Our law firm offers legal services in corporate law, real propert law, law of obligations, law of contracts, administrative and tax law, labour law and other general law issues to institutional domestic and foreigner clients. Some of our legal services are as follows:

  • Litigations and follow-ups
  • Providing legal reports
  • Organisation of legal training and seminars to corporate personnels in the field of specific law in our law firm or in your company.
  • Consultancy and attorneyship services.

Our legal services are implemented meticulosly and expeditiously. In Turkey, where the the principle of the protective law system is not sufficently understood, out law firm provides law service to provide legal protection to the companies that cannot take the necessary legal measures in the busy life of business life and to solve the conflicts more easily and offers opportunities for reconciliation by drafting contracts when necessary.

Especially for Joint Stock companies with a capital more than 250.000 Turkish Lira, having a contracted lawyer became mandatory as mentioned in Attorneys' Act Article 35/3. Furthermore, The Bar Assosiation started to serve legal documents to the corporates asking bank receipt that proving they have paid attorneys' fee, pursuant to article. If these corporates do not hire a contracted lawyer, then there are some serious administrative fine sanctions which will be applied to the managers of these companies. However, even though this regulation only includes some corporates, we believe that acquiring legal services is necessary for all corporates in order to prevent the conflicts from the very beginnings and to save time and money.