The Sagittarius Law and Counseling Department provides consulting services in areas such as conducting legal risk assessment before litigation and enforcement proceedings, taking preventive measures in order to reduce legal risks, reconciliation of parties without going to court. No consultation fee is requested in case of preliminary interview.

Office attorneys provide legal advice mainly in the following areas:


  • In order to protect the interests of the Company's shareholders, the Board's decisions and the determination of risks,
  • Legal and judicial review of all kinds of documents before the lawsuits and execution proceedings,
  • The analysis and follow-up and periodic reporting of the cases opened against or against the person and the institution,
  • Preparation of official applications,
  • Regulation of all kinds of contracts and the passing of existing contracts,
  • Notices, notices and protests, notarial procedures,
  • Informing about new laws and legislation,
  • Written and oral consultancy services on the regulation of employee-employer relations,


In such areas, providing consultancy services for the solution of legal problems before a conflict occurs and giving advice to the clients about the "preventive" legal rules that will save time and money is one of the areas we are mainly serving.