Legislative inheritance, such as non-planning due to post-mortem sharing in our assets, non-regulation of wills, misunderstanding of hidden shares determined by civil law, inheritance and transfer tax, deceased muris, difficulties of communication, official and informal marriage and nephew problems are a legal problem in our country.

Lawyers of the office are directed to the law of inheritance;

  • A will, a heritage contract, a hereditary waiver agreement, a death-giving contract
  • Cancellation of death-related savings (testament, inheritance agreement, inheritance waiver agreement)
  • Tenkis,
  • Claims for inheritance due to inheritance,
  • Tereke detection, management of terekeen,
  • Rejection of inheritance,
  • The victims of the miracle deprivation,
  • Termination of the partnership remaining as a participating property, and counseling and advocacy services in other similar cases.