Malpractice cases have increased rapidly in our country especially after compulsory insurance application has been introduced, which has increased the interest in health law in terms of patient and physician rights. Malpractice, known as medical malpractice according to insurance terminology, is expressed in the definition of malpractice in the article 13 of the Ethics Principles of the Turkish Nautical Association as "the damage of a patient due to lack of knowledge, inexperience or indifference, misapplication of medicine".

Büromuz provides legal counseling and counseling services to doctors and other health sector employees, patients and their relatives in the field of health law.

Office lawyers,

  • Patient and physician rights, resolution of disputes in the context of patient-doctor-health institution relations,
  • Responsibility of the physician for compensation in malpractice cases
  • The criminal responsibility of the physician in malpractice cases,
  • It provides counseling and advocacy services for insurance dispute settlement and other similar matters.