Approximately 600,000 people are married in our country every year and approximately 130,000 are applying for justice.

For office lawyers and family law;

  • Preparation of pre-marital property allocation contracts,
  • Making the marriage process of Foreigners in Turkey,
  • Return of gifts arising from the deterioration of the engagement, material and non-pecuniary damage cases,
  • The preparation of an agreement for an agreement on divorce, contracted divorce cases,
  • Contested divorce cases based on grounds of divorce, violence, deceit, abandonment and similar divorce, known as violent incompatibility in the public opinion,
  • Contribution to the sharing of property acquired after the marriage association,
  • Custody cases for the identification of children's custody,
  • Alimony cases, measures, measures for the determination of poverty and aid allegations,
  • Establishment of a line of descent between a child born out of wedlock and the father,
  • Nesebin rejection - complaints,
  • Adoption procedures,
  • Security measures that may be taken during divorce proceedings,
  • Separation decision taken,
  • The permission to get married, the removal of violence,
  • Recognition also known abroad as enforcement in cases of divorce decisions taken on various issues such as the recognition and enforcement of our clients in Turkey, Turkish and English, it offers legal advice and advocacy services.