The practice of bankruptcy and insolvency for the collection of receivables from commercial transactions is one of the common legal issues. Büromuz is actively engaged in the realization of legal follow-ups, the collection of payments on the basis of claims, and the provision of legal support for individuals in economic hardship.

In the fields of office lawyers, executive law and receivables,

  • With the enforcement offices and courts, the decisions of domestic and foreign courts,
  • Initiation of all kinds of unattended execution proceedings, including follow-ups of bills of exchange (checks, bonds, bills, policies) and the conversion of mortgages or pledges into money
  • Doing harassment and sale transactions
  • Due to harassment proceedings, demands for compensation, relief and compensation,
  • It offers counseling and advocacy services in the Enforcement-Law and Execution Criminal cases such as the complaints of irregularities and complaints of unrequited checks.