Compensation law deals with compensation disputes arising from unfair acts and contracts. There are two kinds of compensation cases coming in as "pecuniary damages case" and "non-pecuniary compensation case":

  • The pecuniary damage claim may be caused by physical harm such as loss of support due to death or injury, disability and loss of work, as well as damage to property values.
  • The non-pecuniary damage order is opened for the sake of relieving the spiritual sufferings that disrupt the spiritual integrity of the plaintiff due to an unjust act or transaction.
  • Compensation In the scope of Lawsuits and Claims, our lawyers, including claims for foreign affairs,
  • Material and non-pecuniary damages arising from vehicle accidents,
  • Damage cases arising from accident caused by foreign plate vehicles
  • Product liability (damages caused by defective products)
  • Workplace accidents,
  • It provides counseling and attorney services in all kinds of claims cases with compensation claims arising from service defects.