Yay Hukuk ve Danışmanlık Bürosu offers legal services to its clients with in full transparency and honesty, pursuant to business ethics. 

All members of Yay Hukuk ve Danışmanlık Bürosu show best efforts to implement the business ethics principles and practices referred to in this statement. The Firm will disclose to its clients any conflicts of interest that may affect the Firm as well as the Firm’s members’ actions, and adopts all necessary precautions under the given circumstances, to eliminate such conflicts of interest. All members of Yay Hukuk ve Danışmanlık Bürosu perform their duties and/or use their authorities in a fair manner and with the utmost care expected from them and pursue the client’s best interests, observing the principle of good faith.

Since our establishment, having joined many talented colleagues who share the same mission with us, who want to constantly broaden their legal knowledge, following innovations, the World and the market and who act with the best service to our clients, we are proud to go further continually.

In the direction of our determined vision and principles, we are continuing to work with our growing team and targets to make our legal service quality sustainable and to create a better future.

Our aim is to be our clients’ trusted advisors and adding value to their businesses, just as they add value to ours. The only way to realise this goal is by having a deep understanding of the business of each and every client we have. We know every business’ needs are unique and therefore a unique understanding is what we offer.

We are known in the industry for our quality of service and integrity in carrying out our work. To preserve this standard, we place high importance on accepting no compromise when it comes to service quality, integrity, responsiveness, unrivalled expertise and first-rate, result-oriented advice.

We have built and continue to build each and every day a legal practice that encompasses a wide range of our clients’ endeavours: from traditional fields of law to tax aspects, corporate governance, global and domestic compliance issues to economic crime, and many more.